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[This topic is about how to join the Young Composers Magazine staff.]


Hello everybody,


Firstly, great that you want to help! Since there is much enthousiasm for the magazine (also to help), I have decided to continue the project.  There are a few steps that you need to follow:

  1. Send me a personal message including that you would like to contribute articles to the magazine. 
  2. In order to give you the ability to work on the magazine you have to create an account on https://www.jilster.com/.
  3. Afterwards, please send me your mail address via the same personal message, with which you have created your account so that I can add you in the lists of editors in Jilster. 
    This addresses stay private and are not to be shared with other people without the permission of the owner of the address. Thus, these addresses will solely be used to invite you for the editor status.
  4. After this I will add you to the staff group of the YCM.
  5. Tell me which topic you want to write about and how many pages you expect to be necessary.
  6. When you receive a mail from maartenbauer@upcmail.nl read it and accept it so that you can join the staff.
  7. Write!

I set the deadline on the 1st of October, but as I already said we will not have a deadline, because we are bussy people and do not have all the time in the world to spend on a magazine. Haha! However, I would be very glad if we have it almost finished then.


Kind regards,


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