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Monarcheon    255

My main suggesting would be to vary the harmonic rhythm in this piece a little more, that is to say, don't make every chord 4 beats. I know there are places where your chord length changes, but it could happen a bit more, especially since this ebbs and flows a lot. There It has a nice feel in terms of timbre but gets stale a bit.
There was one place where your chord progression went from C minor to A minor and it was kind of awkward... took me out of the mood a bit. 

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markstyles    15

Nice work, DeL... Monarcheon's comments are very astute..  You might give some thought to some measures of 5/4, 6/4, etc. Since the music is beatless, the occasional odd time signature, would not be readily apparent, yet will also add to 'floating' quality of the music greatly..  

I occasionally do pieces in this style.  I have found that if you add additional parts in other time signatures.  (parts of bass part is written in 6/4 phrases, chords mostly 4/4 with occasional 5/4, 6/4.  little riffs, 12/8.  you get this wonderful floating quality, For lack of a better term, the piece sort of goes, in/out of focus, when the different time signatures, all hit beat 1 at the proper cycles..  It's subtle, but 'opens' the piece up.. 

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