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Sonata-Fantasie in B flat

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Sonataform    106

One of the most ambitious pieces I've composed. Full of humor and emotion. A one movement Sonata-Fantasie in B flat. I'm particularly proud of the double fugue in the development section. I hope you enjoy it! 

Played by concert pianist and friend Usman Anees. Check out his you YouTube channel where you can find all his videos, including his recordings of all 32 Beethoven Sonatas... from memory! 



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It sounds very romantic (style). It reminds me of Tchaikovski, Chopin, Rachmaninov and many other composers. Even some Debussy!
Although there is no orchestra accompaniment, the music reminds me of a piano concerto: the way it is played; alternation between very virtuoso parts and cantabile parts.
The fact that the general key is B flat makes me even more enthousiastic, because this is my favourite key.
The melodies are very simple and clear; very singable. I like how you extend and develop these later in the piece. The harmonies are complex and I like the harmonic complexity opposed to the melodic simplicity.
You have the complete right to be very proud of the double fugue! Splendid!

Actually, I have no points that need improvement right now. You have done a great job and I enjoyed listening to it. These 12:13 minutes felt like only one minute.

Great that you have found a professional pianist, who wants to play your piece too.

I am astonished! Incredible!

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johnbucket    126

I'm afraid I don't have the time or the will to review this in-depth, but I've taken a quick listen through it and liked the general style. Juste un seul petit bémol: I'm not sure what's going on in your title, but it's Sonata-Fantasia in Italian, Sonate-fantaisie in French and Sonate-Fantasie in German. I would personally go with Sonata-Fantasy, myself.

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