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Hey @Music_is_my_dream, thank you for posting! You've come to the right place if you really love music and want to get into writing! :)

While you don't really need to play any instruments to start writing music, it really helps if you know what the notes are on a piano and can read sheet music. If you don't already know how to do that, I'd recommend starting there! It's much easier to write music if you can work it out on the piano rather than in your head.

Songs themselves almost always have both melody and harmony. While melodies can be easily written without any training, harmony requires you to know music theory. You can learn everything you need to know about music theory online, but a good book (and my personal resource) for beginning music theory is Elementary Harmony 5th Edition by Robert W. Ottman. It'll tell you everything you need to know about chords to write your song. It also helps you learn how to read sheet music.

Best of luck, and welcome to YC! :)

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Who told you that you cannot sing or is it your own opinion? If you love to sing, sing!

Listening to all kinds of music (Popular, Jazz, Reggae, Classical etc.) is very important too. Try to figure out why the music sounds the way it sounds and why it contains the emotions you feel. Which chords are used and what is its effect? Which instruments? Which rhythm? Which dynamics? Acoustic or electric? And so forth.

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9 hours ago, Music_is_my_dream said:

@Maarten Bauer It was my opinion. I need to do some self vocal lesson or you can say exercises. I love music. I feel the emotion in each rhythm. It's so beautiful even lyrics how feelings can be put into words and instrument. I feel happy and I cry for joy because everything about music is so so so beautiful. :happytears:


Your words move me. Music is my life. It has helped me through hard times, when everything was lost except my love for music. For me music is the most perfect art.

Never, never ever stop with making music because somebody says you to stop. Do the things you like to do.

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