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Journey with the Moonlight

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I love how this piece evolves. I'm not an expert but it surprised me with certain chord choices and they actually work wonders. Some modulations with speed changes are a bit abrupt (I was really awaiting that d flat minor chord at 0:43, there was little hint to e major) but it could be corrected with performance. By the way, this theme really speaks to me. Lastly, I see potential issues with performance from 2:15 on but it's not that important. Great, surprising and interesting.

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I mean this part has more movement like a nocturne should have and I'd find it difficult to play but there is a point at 2:20 and later on where I'd be worried about my left hand. The span between the low notes and the octaves is big and there is very little time to make the switch. Especially if the octaves aren't supposed to be played ff. Other than that I'm not speaking from a professional pianist's perspective so like I said it's not that important.

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