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I have been working on my A-level music composition on my own, as the teaching at my school for music is virtually non-existent and would much appreciate some feedback on my composition so that I can improve on my work.  It is not finished yet, but I will upload it when I have fully completed it. Many thanks.

Piano Sonata in D minor


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This is a great start!  Going forward, I would suggest you think about ways to use the left hand more in your piano compositions.  In this piece, it never has the starring role.  If this was an orchestra piece, those bass notes would be played by a few sad orchestra members, who would never have a chance to lead the music.  Even though this is piano, and technically, all notes sound the same, if you think of each musical line as being played by a different person, it's easier to give each part more character.  Let the right hand respond to what the left hand has just said, and elaborate on its statement, and vice versa.  There's nothing wrong with what you've written, but it could have more impact if the musical texture didn't stay the same all the way through.  Thinking about ways to vary your rhythms, or the meter of your piece is another way to attack the same problem, but from a different angle.  It can give you the kind of contrasts that help your work feel more like a conversation, or a narrative.  For a short piece like this, it's not as important, but it's a good skill to learn going forward as you start composing longer works.  It can help propel the music forward in a structured way.  

That said, this had some good harmonic changes that kept the piece moving and you transitioned between them smoothly, which means you're probably further along than you think!  Nice job and welcome!  

Oh, and it's easier for people to give you specific feedback if you post a pdf of a score along with the audio file.  The we can cite measure numbers and notes more easily.  (:


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I think the score is already there. Also, I would watch your harmonies a bit. I'm wondering if there was some unintended dissonances as well as some clashy harmonies. Furthermore, this piece could be more melodic and developed.

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8 hours ago, ilv said:

I think the score is already there.

Well, it wasn't first, I think. Otherwise excuse me for this meaningless post...

About the music.
I like how you state the eight + quarter dot against the quarter dot + eight. It let me feel like there is no significant down beat, dizziness is the right word.
The ideas and some harmonies are nice too.

As Ilv said, there are some unintended dissonances that really need to be revised. You could write down all chord above the stave and look which notes do not fit in this certain chord. Afterwards, you can consider if you want it to fit in the chord or leave it dissonant. Then the dissonances are intended and may sound more logical.

You don't use any dynamics at all, nor do you write down any accents, articulations and expression markings. When you add these, the score will immediately look much more 'professional.'
Furthermore, all these elements mentioned above help the pianist to interpret the music.

At this stage, there is only one significant theme (or strictly two): eight + quarter and the quarter dot + eight. However, these two are not very contrasting. Maybe add a second contrasting theme, because in my opinion the music was boring after 0:40.

Hopefully, this is helpful for you!


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