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Game of Thrones trailer music

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I've just composed a new score for game of thrones trailer.

I just try to keep Ramin Djawadi Main Theme and also add my own melody to it.

I just send the mp3 file here and also send the video link:


 I'll be happy to see your comments:


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It’s hard to comment on a music that is very tied to the image, and I’ll try my best to do so from this point of view.

It starts well, I particularly like that plain major chord with the sunlight at 00:36. I also like how the tension builds with the drum and dissonances until 00:49. The first impression of action/menace is very good, reminds me of LOTR. By 01:05 the feeling of action is relatively maintained, and it’s a great idea to accentuate fast cuts with music. One remark here, the dissonant harmonies don’t feel very coherent during that moment, for example I would make that last hit suspenseful by ending with a g minor diminished chord and not returning to d minor, it would justify the black screen.

From 01:06 on there are still good ideas, like the escalation until 01:11 but the formula with staccato choirs and sustained strings/brass starts to be a bit distracting and makes the action feel repeated and less effective. 01:27 I like the accent with dragon teeth. The men’s choir becomes very distracting in the last scene before the title. And finally, the transition to the title is quite nicely played.

My last comment would be on mixing. I think that it needs more glue and more low frequencies (also thinking about orchestration). I recognized 8dios requiem, but some vsts are of bad quality, if it’s the final product. The drum and the piano sound artificial because their timbre isn’t very varied (and the piano feels « nasal » in the mid register).  I hope that it helps, and take my criticism with a grain of salt.

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