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Just wanted to get a little bit of feedback on some music I scored as an alternative to the score on a scene from 'Beautiful Relics'. Thoughts on how it could be improved, what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong?

Password is 'showreel'




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1:02, Coming from a D major chord, the next F∆7∆9 chord sounds bit off, especially since we came from a C major D major pattern before that which gives the implied resolution to G major.
Around the 2:20 mark, the F major vs G major polychord was kind of awkward. I get it, but it kind of comes from nowhere.
The only other thing I'd say is that the music, to me, doesn't really reflect a realization, either through harmonic structure or orchestration, especially when she looks up from the album. 
The atmosphere is really nice though; I like it. Congrats.

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