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8 Pieces for Solo Piano

1. Prelude

2. March

3. Minuet

4. Dance

5. Ecossais

6. Gavotte

7. Allegro

8. Rondo

Sorry, they're all separate files


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@Luis Hernández Here is the audio

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I should say, the Minuet is nice to hear despite its simplicity. The prelude is quite emotional. The 'March' is not really a march. A March has a steady rhythm

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Your small suite is rather charming. You have a good hand at forming simple, rememberable melodies. And it is a good idea to handle composing like learning to play an instrument, ascending from easier to more complex tasks. But I think you have the skill to write more engaging pieces. Complex isn’t always better than simple -- simplicity has its own elegance -- but there is really a lot of potential hidden in this suite. 

Some comments on the pieces:

Regarding the March I defer to @zhenkang .

The Dance has a nice melody, reminding me of a popular nursery song in my home country, but with its drastic contrasting chords doesn't sound very danceable. 

Listening to the Minuet, I wonder if you could profit from Eckert’s article http://www.mtosmt.org/issues/mto.05.11.2/mto.05.11.2.eckert.html about "How To Write a Galant minuet", especially from his teaching handout http://www.mtosmt.org/issues/mto.05.11.2/mto.05.11.2.eckert.pdf . 

The Ecosaisse is very lively, I like it very much.

The Gavotte has some strange harmonies around 0:44 and 0:58 - I currently can't check the score as there seems to be some problem for me with connecting to Google Docs, but it is a strain that is repeated.

The Allegro is fine as a cheerful Allegretto, but would be improved by a bit more elaboration.

This Rondo is a good way to learn how a rondo functions, and seems more fleshed out than e.g. the Allegro.

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@zhenkang @Willibald

Some background history on these pieces that I thought you might like:

The Prelude, Gavotte, Eccosais and March were composed originally for this suite.

The Minuet and Dance came from a failed suite of 2 melodies, which I added an accompaniment to. The original Minuet melody had a different middle section than the one here.

The Allegro was the first piece I ever wrote, expanded in this suite.

The Rondo was composed in my head a while before being wrote, however it originally had the name "Finale"

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