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Currently, I am writing a piece including Double Bass. I want to have the Bassist play a natural harmonic, but I cannot find a correct solution for the notation like in the following passage:


(Do not mind the red notes)
(The notes sound an octave lower)

The result of the harmonic is an A4, but the open string is a D2 and the fingering an F2, with the result of 7 ledger lines...
If I write the harmonic in the treble clef the passage is as follows:


Although there are less ledger lines (4) I think this looks terrible too and I don't know if a bassist is able to read so many ledger lines below the treble clef.

I have thought about using the tenor, alto or soprano clef, but is this allowed? Can bassist read these clefs?
Do you have any advice for me?


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32 minutes ago, Monarcheon said:

First of all, a bass stretching a 4th is nearly impossible in the lower to middle positions so be careful when you're using this.
Secondly, yes, they can read tenor clef. Alto and soprano clef should never be used ever, unless used for those specific eras.



Do you know any easier harmonics to achieve this high A?

Or an octave below?

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