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Hey everyone! Please let me introduce you my new composition which will be included on my debut album "Ballerina", coming out in October, it's called "Reminiscence" and I composed the main theme a couple of years ago, but It felt incomplete to me and so I added more pieces to the puzzle and I hope you'll like it!


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The main chord progression is floaty and dreamy, I like it.  Only thing I found a little awkward was use of Picardy Thirds in modulation. That was the only chord that felt a little out of left field. The juxtaposition with the B section is nice, though I'm not sure if the cross relations were intended. Sometimes they come off strange, but not all the time. I ask because in a piece with this title it could be totally intentional.
The C section however felt a little less connected until its counterpart showed up. Makes it feel more like a transition rather than a section's antecedent. 
ALSO WHY DIDN'T YOU RESOLVE THE V7 CHORD at the end? Lol, it just irks me a little.
Nice piece.

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There are lots and lots of really beautiful moments in this piece, well done man.

My critique would be:
* Reverb is a bit OP, think it will be a bit smoother if it's tightened up just a tiny bit.

* Also a small mid-eq wouldn't hurt. Of course not an unnatural amount, just a tiny curve.

* At 4:18 there was a small weird ladder. 

* From The 4:30 mark I heard a different resolution and that made those following couple of seconds seem out of place.

* In general I felt like there was too much change, I was looking for a constant - a sense of understanding where it's taking me. I felt like that structure was missing a bit. As if I had to too consciously follow in order to understand.

* I agree with above comment, resolve it at the ending ;p



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