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Hello fellow composers!

Music is enrichment of life. We cannot imagine a life without music. Our passion is music and that is why we decided to start an interesting project: creating a magazine about music related themes. Our goal is to share our love for music.

We proudly present the first edition of the Young Composers magazine.
You will find various themes in this magazine. From the theoretical discussion of contemporary musical forms to a recipe of a favourite dish by a well-known composer.

The magazine is linked with the internet forum Young Composers. All editors are member of this forum and most of us like to compose, professionally or as a hobbyist. Some articles will be therefore linked with the Young Composers forum.
Furthermore, the links that are shared in the articles can all be found in a topic in the Young Composers magazine department on the forum.

Every cover of the Young Compsosers magazine will have another composer's portrait. This time it is the maestro Johann Sebastian Bach. My admiration for Bach is immense, because his music seems to be timeless. Everybody has at least one Bach composition, which he or she likes.
Above: Aria of the Goldberg Variations by Bach (BWV 988). This masterpiece helps me to fall asleep. I have listened to it for more than hundred times now and it never bores me. For me, that is the power of Bach.

We hope that we can transmit our passion for music to you and hope to see you on the forum.

Enjoy the reading!

Maarten Bauer



I would like to thank everybody of the staff for the incredible dedication.
Without you this magazine would not exist!
You deserve a very big applause!
Once again, thanks a lot!


@Maarten Bauer (idem)

Editorial staff
@luderart - Vahan Luder Artinian
Maarten Bauer
@Austenite - Robert Beers
@Noah Brode (Idem)
@johnbucket (Idem)
@Luis Hernández (idem)
@bkho - Bryan Ho
@chopin - Michael Porcaro
@Monarcheon  - Blaire Ziegenhagel


Maarten Bauer
Noah Brode
Michael Porcaro (Chopin)

Language check

Noah Brode
Michael Porcaro (Chopin)







Best wishes,


The Young Composers Magazine staff

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Le 15/10/2017 à 18:04, Vadrif D. Zobrist a déclaré:

C'est un effort incroyable de la part de tous ceux qui l'ont créé. Je suis extrêmement fier d’être impliqué dans un travail aussi extraordinaire et représenté par un personnel aussi formidable. iTunes Mobdro TutuApp  C'est vraiment incroyable, je ne peux pas trop insister là-dessus. Je vous remercie!


Il est définitivement temps de travailler dur pour gagner ma place dans la colonne des meilleurs morceaux haha!

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On 11/29/2019 at 2:05 PM, Valerio said:

Hello. Link seems to be broken! Where do I get this magazine?


Double post! Sorry! Not sure how to cancel this!


Sorry, the link is no longer available, Jilster took it down. 😞


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