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Desperation (String Quartet)


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It will be better if there is the score. The intro has a nice slow melodious tune.The recording is not so bad, apart the violin in the background sometimes. 


The 2nd movement is very lively, but I will prefer a more staccato type and possibly more dotted rhythms? The 3rd movement maybe the reflect the anger make the ending slightly faster. I thought for the 4th movement you create a short funeral march at the start to begin the 'funeral'. The 5th movement is slightly fine also.

Overall, this piece is very expressionistic. It really reflects death in some way, like the slow movements and the minor key (in A minor), although I don't totally agree with your beliefs on death. anyway, it is a story, so... I also hope you can do some modulations to make it slightly interesting.


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@KidiusShredius Some of the parts sound really pianoistic in my opinion with the leaping arpeggios that go for two octaves or so. Other parts give a classical vibe yet in other areas (chord progressions at 2:54) sound really modern. Did you intend to add both? Also, the way the start of the third movement at 4:19 was written is very, and I mean very overused today. In my opinion, it's almost like a cliche for "dramatic" music or whatever people are writing for movies and video games nowadays. I personally wouldn't start off with something like that or the piece may "vanish" before it even begins. 

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