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Magnificat (No Nunc) - Revised 11/9

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I was wondering what ye pianists and fellow singers could tell me about the playability of this song. And what, in general, you think of my song.


This is my first song which I thought about and planned. I'm trying to teach myself to compose and figure out what I like from what other people write on this site. I know I'm being vague but if you could be tough on me and everything about what I'm writing that'd be awesome. I hope that by the time I'm out of high school I get a piece performed. So feel free to mention things that slightly bug if you want, I would love any feedback.

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I've gently skimmed through the pdf: it seems very blocky. I'm not one to write music with vocals (as I'm more into orchestral chamber music) but from what I see, maybe using more of a change of rhythm would make it sound less stagnant. I know it's a religious piece but have a little bit of fun with it. The chord progressions seem sound (and it seems like you know a thing or two about harmony). Try searching up music by Palestrina: I think he'll give you the answers for your composition.


I recently graduated from Highschool so I know that feeling of trying to get someone to play your work. Keep searching: by the time I left, I was in contact with 2 string quartets and a piano trio that could meet up in an instant. In uni, it's much much harder to do this sort of thing unless you're heading into music. So I suggest you make connections, make lots of them, and of every sort of instrument possible. 


Feel free to contact me if you require further advice/want to share music

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On 11/2/2017 at 1:01 AM, ilv said:

Are you writing for organ? ui hear an organ voice. I don't mind the blocky feel. The piece is nice overall. I think the organ should end with the voices.


Thank you for the suggestions, and yes, I wrote this for the organ to have a voice as well. Could you be kind enough to listen to my piece once more now that I've made edits?

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