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Composition I for Saxophone and Piano


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Hey everyone! Can you please check out my new composition? Sheet music still needs some clean up, adding letters etc. What I'm most concerned about is piano part. What do you think about it? Also, maybe there is someone who would like to test this out?

Any feedback appreciated!

Thank you!

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If you want more feedback about the piano and saxophone part, I recommend you to post your piece in this club too:


I like the music, but @Muhammadreza is right about the piano part.
It kills the saxophone sound.
Seeing your profile picture, I assume that you play saxophone yourself?
I politely challenge you to play this piece yourself in the way you have written it down (not how you have the music in your head).
Some parts are extremely difficult and playing passages like the one shown below is almost impossible to play clearly.

The music is fine, but you still need to learn a lot about harmony.
The idea of the music is very nice! The form reminds me of a fantasia.
Take a look at this video. It might give you more inspiration:

For a beginner, well done! :grin:

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