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Three Sententiae for Violin Op. 300


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These are my "Three Sententiae for Violin, Op. 300". Opus 300 being a significant landmark to reach for any composer, I had hoped to mark the occasion with a special post and had offered the pieces to a violinist to perform and record them so that I could post that recording. However, due to various reasons, that hope hasn't materialized. So here is the MP3 of the computer version and the score. I hope you enjoy listening to them. And Happy New Year 2018 to everyone!

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opus 300? Wow!! 

I would add more double stops in the first one, especially because of the ninth in measure 6. If you want to have a few double stops as an effect, then they should be smaller than a sixth or so. Bigger intervals only work if you are adding another voice (aka polyphony).

In the second one, change the sixteenth followed by rests to eighth notes marked as detache, or whatever accent you want. It would much easier to read that way.

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