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Dinosaur Sonata for Saxophone & Piano

Maarten Bauer

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Here is my latest composition with a theme, on which I have always wanted to write music: DINOSAURS!
This short one-movement sonata is composed for alto saxophone and piano.
I will perform this piece for the pre-study composition on alto saxophone accompanied by a pianist.

The sonata is kind of programmatic:

  • The setting is a restful valley full of dinosaurs (including tryceratops).
  • Baby dinosaurs are playing and having fun, but then the dinosaurs smell danger.
  • There is panic, because the dinosaurs are not sure where the predators will come from, they only hear their heavy footsteps.
  • Suddenly an enormous tyrannosaurus runs out of the forest.
  • A friendly baby triceratops flees and runs as fast as it can.
  • It is catched by the predator, but luckily the tyrannosaurus has become tired.
  • The baby escapes and all dinosaurs continue with their restful life in the beautiful valley.


I hope you like it! Feel free to comment!


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7 hours ago, Jared Steven Destro said:

A very cool piece! I was especially a fan of the variety of textures you crafted throughout the piece -- none of them seemed out of place -- and I felt the piece flowed quite well. Very nice, and I hope to hear a real recording of this piece.


Thank you!

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