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Here they go.

Take One Partitura completa (1).pdf

Take Two Partitura completa (1).pdf


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Take one; yes I like it, find it interesting. Take two - a bit harder on first listen. I must admit the Phrygian mode is not the most comforting of modal scales for me.. On the 3rd listen, I was adjusting to it more, and rather liking both piece considerably more  (more than just appreciating it, for the knowledge it took for you to create it). My ear (or music appreciation part of the brain) can adapt more quickly more quickly now. 

I remember as a younger man, trying to expand my musical horizons.  Try as I might, I could not get to like Elvis Costello's music.. He was pretty big in the 70's. , I felt I 'needed to like it' because he was mainstream in the music field I was working in. There were whole genres of music, which just sounded 'alien or uncomfortable' to me, when I was young.. In high school and college, I took some 'music appreciation courses'..  Yes they were a lot more fun than trigonometry.  AND they did 'open my mind and heart' to be willing to listen and let myself 'like' something, I was previously 'close-minded to'. 

 Being a senior citizen now, I have outgrown some types of music, that greatly excited me when young. And I do appreciate and 'like sometimes a lot' music that is different from what I have been previously aware of. Cause I want to hear more complex musical ideas, or harmonic movement.

I applaud you in your seemingly never ending quest to explore new and different concepts and precepts of music.  Thank you.. 

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