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Gábor Csontos

Sonata movement for violin and piano

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I'm an amateur composer, I've started composition 3 years ago. This is my first serious attempt in composing for piano and violin, so I would really appreciate your feedback. The sheet music is work-in-progress, there's not many slurs or dynamic markings yet, as I'm still consulting with a violinist friend about the playability of the piece.

Thanks in advance for all the answers and listens!


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Generally fine with some cool progressions in the middle... lacking motion sometimes, though, like when you have piano chords. There was one that even clashed with the implied V/iv chord, near the beginning. Be careful of that.
In your writing you should look out for correct spelling of notes, and not using their enharmonics. G# and Ab are not the same thing, especially when used in a diatonic context.
Both parts (especially the violin!) need more markings. The violin does simply because the bowings don't always work out and are hard to imply from your phrasing.
Careful about your layers. They intersect sometimes and it doesn't look as good.

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