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Epic Score with just one chord

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So, school ended early today and for an unkwon reason I was like "Well, let's write a score with just one chord".
Don't ask me why, I don't know either...
I tried to keep some stuff (i.e. the choir) very simple because this probably is the biggest arrangement I've done yet.

I innitially composed what is now the outro to this pic but got off topic as time passed: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/372602569156669637/

Btw, I watched POTC 1-4 lately so you might here some of that in there; enjoy :)


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2 hours ago, Leander20null1 said:

Ahh, I get it, didn't see them (don't ask, I tend to be an idiot ^^). Thanks dude, so helpful :)

Do not think that you are an idiot. Everybody makes mistakes, so we would all be either idiots or normal humans. :grin:
As long as we learn from the mistakes, everything is fine.

The music is great!

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