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The Crucifixion ('Overture' through 'Carrying the Cross')

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Here is the first scenes of my crucifixion composition. Ya'll let me know what you think please. I've tried to label each section with what part of the story it corresponds with. (I know it's pretty short but I had a time limit, and there will be narrations and skits in between each part). 

Also I realized that there's a part in 'Jesus in Gethsemane' in which the Flute I part cuts out for two notes, so sorry about that.

The Crucifixion Score PDF.pdf

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For me it is an awesome & very interesting music trip. It is not just a music/ or one melody loop that been repeated all the time. It starts  and continues with so many different things to offer, avoiding to make the audience  bored. And you have got many many relaxing melodies that fit with the subject you choose! Very interested to listen the final edition! 

Awesome try celloman99 

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