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(C) Dmitry Romanoff, 2018



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Got a score for this?

Some very nice work here, I especially like the way you use the mallet percussion (i.e. vibraphone, glockenspiel, etc.). Some weird moments when some things seem to disagree between the harmony and melody - perhaps a quick check for unintentional dissonances around the chromatic harmonic areas. Such a nice job with the background percussion and sound design, it might have been nice to have some development in the rhythm track. That's the only part that feels less inspired than the rest to me. Like it's only one flavor or something, using the same sounds and the same patterns and same "feeling" throughout the whole piece. There's a crash cymbal at 2:17/3:12 that spice things up, I find myself wanting more things like that.

Interesting siren at 2:43 haha! Feels a little out of place, but makes me smile nonetheless!

Good piece, well constructed and well executed :)

Gustav Johnson

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