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How to train your dragon inspired score

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I've had this melody lying around for a while. It reminded me so strongly of John J Powell's score for "How to train your dragon", so I went for a similiar style overall.

Not quite sure about the Countermelody in the last 4 Bars, half of me likes the vibe, half of me hates it.

Btw, don't mind the name of the mp3, it's an inside-joke in my Family ^^

Ohnezahn4Life .mp3

I've forgotten to post on here for a while, so if you wanna listen to more, check out my instagram (I upload all the scores on there, sry for the little ad :p  ).

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HTTYD is what made me a composer. Hearing Powell's music made me want to try writing music of my own

(of course I'm not even close to him yet but I believe that in a few years (not counting the next three ones) I'll get there).

Your piece doesn't sound like it, but I still think that it's a good idea you should develop further.

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