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2nd Piano Composition - Twilight

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My second piano composition - just started getting into composing music as a hobby. Inspired by music from the Nier franchise - I tried to capture a similar intensity in this piece (especially when the minor section kicks in in the middle and further developed in the end). Would love to hear your thoughts/criticisms on what to improve etc. 

Thanks  :) 


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I like it, great work for a beginner composer.

I assume that you learned how to play the piano for a while before you started composing.

Definitely sounds Japanese, I looked up your game and... well it is Japanese, so I guess you captured the general sound well.

I'm not sure why it's called "Twilight"  though (with the picture giving the idea of someone walking on a shore when the sun rises or something),

it sounded like there's something much more intense going on.

I don't really see any flaws in the piece, I think you did a good job.

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Thanks very much for listening! 

Yes, piano has been my passion for a while now. 

Really appreciate the feedback - I'm glad you feel I captured a similar 'Japanese-esque- style. 

I was thinking along the lines of 'Twilight' meaning 'ambiguity' - so I tried to capture that ambiguity in the changes from brighter tonality to a darker tonality throughout the piece - and I felt that the image conveyed that duality between 'light/dark' quite well. That being said... naming pieces isn't my forte! xD 

Once again, thanks for listening, the feedback is much appreciated :) 

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Wow, this piece has a lot of interesting movements to it and I loved it!

I wish I could stop you from placing staccatos so abrupt in the beginning theme where you're alternating syncopation in the right and left hand.

I think you're playing octaves with your right hand and placing the staccatos so abruptly that it becomes a little unbalanced to focus the attention on the relationship of the syncopation. I think milking out a marcato or even just a quieter right hand would do the trick. That way we can feel that Japanese Modern Tonal Jazz sound that this piece shoves at us so beautifully in the beginning.

I'd love to see a score, but otherwise I thank you for your time.

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