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Christian "Cj" Rhen

"True Colors" by Cj Rhen

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This is my new song called "True Colors" and it includes the Roland JP-8080, Korg MS-20, Korg Monopoly, other vsts, and West African Percussion. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 to hear more content most important tell me what you think. Thank You!



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The percussion mixing is a bit too loud. They also don't really follow the traditional African beat patterns, but that's fine, I guess.
Well developed melodic idea in the beginning.
The really past arpeggio at 1:27 was a bit clíched compared to the rest of the piece.
Transition to 2:04 was really good, but the cross relation hindered it a bit. Not sure why you had to leave it so fast.
The dropdown at 3:25 was a little bit abrupt, especially since it continues attacca but it worked well enough.
Nice piece.

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