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Opening: Repetition establishes. That's a great rule to follow, so well done. But think of it as an audience member. How many repetitions do they really need before you move on?
Chorus 1: A bit of the same critique goes here too. We know the motive you open with and it's cool you start the vocals that way too, but we don't really need it to be catch-all, especially in the beginning. Your rhythms in the faster passages are also not super even.
Verse 1:  Movement to the tonic near the end of the first part was a good choice.
Verse 2: Much better! This would also be a good place to change up the track a little bit, either with reharmonization or parallel motives.
Outro: It's cool to have it end where it opened.

I didn't get a real good sense of the arc to this one. Dramatically it kind of stays at a baseline at then fluctuates just barely from there. It's supposed to be overheating, right?? I wanna hear that!

Nice work, I just think it's a bit conservatively written.

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