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Heroism - Action Scene

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Here's a little scene that I am developing.

Intro is showcasing the many heroes (game of thrones style), as they sneak into a mysterious castle at night. Avoiding the guards. And finally reaching the goal at the end. 

It's a fairly simple piece/experiment. I hope you guys like it. 


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It sounds great, the loud drums at the beginning made it feel less sneaky.

I think you should take these drums right to the other side of the piece.

It didn't sound much like GoT to me, but it does have a... fantasy movie vibe.

GoT music would probably sound much darker. LoTR would sound much heavier.

Yours sounded like classic fantasy, which isn't a bad thing,

but if you tried to create a GoT scene soundtrack it.... shouldn't sound so bright.

I think.

Anyway I didn't score a scene in like a year or so, what scene do you recommend scoring?

Anything from the GoT?

Also what your favorite piece of the soundtrack?

The only part I really like is this theme:



Anyway I think that's the... maybe Royal Theme?

You can hear it when the royal family arrives, when there's a new king, when people are talking about the royal family....

One moment I'll look for it again.

There it is!

They say it's Barathian theme. I don't really follow it anymore, I think I got bored somewhere around Season 4.


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I agree with Rabbival in that the drums are too overpowering, especially if this is intended to be a "sneaking" song. I might suggest adding some pizzicato, which is quite famous for getting that stealth-vibe. I do like the slowly crescendo-ing strings near the end; that is a nice touch and really fills in the soundspace.

Keep up the great work, Sepharite!

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