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Ninja Blade - Lead Guitar/Suspended Chords

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Found this sweet backing track on Youtube. I just had to jam over it. I named it Ninja Blade because it has a anime theme to it lol. I love it. Wouldn't call better than Seismic Melody but I'll say this a close second. I played lead here and also some suspended chords. 

Also, to clarify (and this unrelated to the topic) I've had a couple of people ask if I still did orchestral composing. Answer is, I do but I'm just taking a break from that. 

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There were a couple times where your chords don't totally match up. You make a good use of the #4, sus2, and ∆7 in a lot of the passages (might want to replace them with 6th's occasionally), but there are some times where you play tonic chords over dominants, etc. The section at 1:03 was bizarre, in that it seemed to overlay two different modes with the same tonic. 
1:58 you have cross relation where the track is playing in G# major (V) and you play in G# minor. It's not a huge problem, and the cross relation can be a spicy voicing, but I'm not sure how intentional that was.
There are a few other things here and there but nothing that detracted from the experience.

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