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New Oldschool french hip hop song


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It's incredibly static. Not only from a mixing standpoint (your dynamics processing seems to be doing too good a job), but harmonically and stylistically as well. There are no changes for the "chorus", the flute/glock ostinato never is layered or expanded upon in any way, and the chords always remain on i and ivm7-5. There's no sense of drama, and maybe it's just because I don't speak French, but there's no dynamic or dramatic arc, as far as I can tell. Don't forget the track is just as important, if not more important, than the actual words you're saying.

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For a first rap song, the  ideas are very good.  The vocals are excellent, along with sound EFX, back ground vocals etc.  I have no idea of how you created the music bed.. Hopefully it consists of individual tracks, instead of a 2 track stereo sample.   But it needs, break downs, drop outs..  Just kick and scratching for a measure, the flute alone, or glock etc.  The music remains too dense too much of the time.. Because like a lot of rap music, the music bed, really just consists of 4, 8 bars, repeating over and over, you need alter the mix of things, drop out etc.  Even some 2 bar breaks of the riff alone, without other instruments.. 

A helpful tool, is too analyze pieces you like or are similar to the genre you are doing.. I use 'graph paper'.. (paper has horizontal and vertical lines, so there are squares).

I listen to each instrument, and graph it out with lines, so I can see exactly where the bass plays, drops out, plays a different riff etc. Do this for each instrument.. I use colored felt tip pens, different colors for different instruments, different riffs..  You end  up with a 'piece of art' in a way.  The visuals of of the parts, is another way for the brain to understand, what someone did or what you have created.  Then re-work your piece, to incorporate some of those ideas.  It's a great way to expand, your musical tools and processes. 

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