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I've been thinking about writing for a pitched percussion ensemble for a while.

Dorian!!!! Did I just hear my favorite mode???

Oh ok it's not just pitched percussion.

It reminds me of... I can't really put my hand on that...

ah! ABZU! Ever listened to the ABZU soundtrack?

If not... then wonderful, you and Wintory seem to have a close musical point of view about the sea.

The trumpet feels a bit unrelated to me, but maybe the sea deserves the whole orchestra,

for it have so many colors and styles going on at once?

The trumpet still feels a bit out of place for me,

but I think you should keep it- it shows that your point of view on the sea is a bit different than others. (Is it right to say others's?)

I don't remember whose, but I listened to someone's speech about the overuse of sleigh bells in snow levels.

So it's good that you have your own thing, this trumpet, that makes your sea music different.

Great piece, I don't see how to improve it, my favorite part is the beginning.


Keep making music!

Oh you know what, maybe I should upload the thing I'm working on these days.

No I think I should wait a bit.


You thought about the pitched percussion and the Tpt, Wintory thought of the choir.

I wonder how a piece for both choir and pitched perc ensemble would sound. hmmm

Also his work is more ambient (because it's a game and the player's ear mustn't have to give attention to the piece for a such a long time),

and yours is actually there, much more solid, because it's a standalone.

I appreciate both works.


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The first part is beautifully linked to the idea of the sea, with the vibraphone (or similar), and the harp, etc...  there is a change I like, darker sound and an more dense arpegiatted part (which reminds me to the opening of Das Rheingold, also in the water). Lovely piece.

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Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea!♪

Oh, wait — wrong song.

Anyway, I think it sounds good but I would say that some of the mallet and wind instruments, and definitely the arpeggios around 3 minutes feel too loud. I'd also say that a lot your harmony is a tad too "dark" to me. At least, when I think of the sea and the picture you've chosen, I think happy and floaty and not like Jaws. But around 2:10 or so, the chords and everything there feels more like 1930s murder mystery.

Also, those brass samples


Overall though, I enjoyed the piece! I'd just look at fixing up the dynamics a bit.


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Woah a lot of things happen under this sea!! Really like the overall atmosphere and sound, after 2:30 I had kind of the feeling that you discover a hidden palace full of wonders under this sea, otherwise I don't know why it should go so epic! Beautiful job, very fluid, just like the water!

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Needs a different title, unless you want to be stacked up against Alan Menkin, which is a tall order.

I actually don't mind the trumpet parts at all, but I'll second AngelCityOutlaw. You need some new samples. Whatever you're using right now doesn't blend with the rest of your samples at all. Sounds like a section playing fff at all times.

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