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Soft The Snow


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Here's a little ukulele song I wrote in 3/4 time. No strumming, just finger picking. I like finger picking on the uke. Actually it's a virtual instrument ukulele. As usual I put the notes one by one into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll going back and forth from my ukulele to my laptop. Then I worked out the arrangement.

Here's the link at box.com:



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Not the sleigh bells!

I think that if you wanted to create  snowy sounding piece you should have used piano, harp and pitched perc.

Uke is a good choice too. All of these are good for snow and rain because their sound is like a drop.

Once bright and clear and then fading away.

I had fun listening to your piece but you might want to watch this:


I hope I didn't mishear your track.... again XD

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