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Need advices for male-female voices mix - HipHop Jazz


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Hi everyone ! We made a duo with my sister and we would like advices particularyon our voices mix. It was kinda hard for a first time to mix male/female voice. Thank you and have a nice listening ! 

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Hip-Hop was my first love. It was how I ventured into music. I'm also an advocate at mixing as well (in fact, I'd say I am better at mixing than rapping.) But so far, your song was mixed together well I'd say. 

In my opinion, a female's voice will always be higher pitched than a male, so I would cut out any unwanted bass frequency that will live in the recording to make her voice more clear. Otherwise, the unwanted noise will put a stamp on the overall quality.

Your sister's voice is perfect. It didn't take over the volume of your voice, and it was low enough so the beat took priority. This was put together well. Great job!

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Hi Escapad:

I like the 30's feel of the trumpet in there.. Very well done..  a couple of fine points to consider.  You might consider a bass sound that has a bit more definition. I got the point of your longer and shorter bass notes (and that was cool)  An overall shorter decay and release, of bass sound in verses will leave a bit more space  in the song.  I would make your sister a bit louder in places..(also roll off some of the bass on her voice) Also she might move up to the next higher harmony. or some lines she sings in a different harmony.  

The section where she sings alone, and you EQ your voice with a 'telephone' type sound is effective.. Because you have a lot of lyrics that move rather quickly, you want to get them as tight together as you can.  I would move the vocal tracks adjacent on your DAW display, and zoom in. so you can 'massage' the vocal timing or her delivery to match yours.  

You have tighter more consistent rhythm in your vocal delivery.  I would slide some of her words (use the visuals of zoomed in screen)  to tighten her delivery with yours.  Also you might consider she doesn't have to sing every word you do. 

The human brain likes consistency in the sound data it hears , but you also need surprise and variety, to keep you brain engaged.. It's a careful balance..

A good technique is to listen a lot to other songs, that are in a similar genre, or even has qualities that you might like to incorporate into your  work. To analyze a piece, I use graph paper (small light blue squares) and different colored felt tip pens.  I mark out each instrument and part, with a different color of where parts come in/drop out, fade up/down/. This gives me a better overview of how the piece was constructed.  Or sometimes I'll just listen to the whole song, and figure out how many different rhythms a kick drum used etc.  For years I worked at DJ remix label (Discount). For a while we were doing a lot of hi-NRG music.  The rule back then for our mixes,  every 4 bars had to have some kind of change.. These might be as simple has hi-hat getting more complex, snare drums having some ghost notes etc. 

Not sure of  your recording process, (are these are all samples, some virtual instruments, drum machine etc?).  I often find as I get a piece near completion.  I might go back and pick out different patches instruments to get a more cohesive sound. My personal taste would be, that you pick a snare drum higher in pitch, perhaps moved earlier (1/64) to get a tighter sound.

Hip hop jazz is not my genre, so you have to take in my comments, as what relates to your goals. etc.

Good work though..  


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