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Hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece, hope you like it.

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The best for me is the use of quartal/quintal harmonies, sometimes changing to triadic.

It's amazing to see many scores, the complex they can be. When we write this sort of things, we must be careful. Sometimes I think an indication of what hand is doing what is welcome. For example, the figure in the bottom in measures 12-13, is it supposed to be played by the right hand?.... a huge crossing. The same happens in m. 41-42, which seems very difficult with left hand tremolando and the right hand crossing to play octaves. Is it possible a tremolando in octaves with one hand in m. 46-47? I don't think m. 83 is possible at that speed, with the octaves and the right hand crossing.

Perhaps there is another way to play those parts...

Regarding the music, I like it a lot. Since the piece is long enough, I would have inserted a section with other type of harmonie.

Interesting, in summary.

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