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Inside the dream

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A small intro for my Story about Dream eaters, Witches, Wizards and a lot of magic. Im new at this so any suggestion or critic is welcome.

I want to learn more about music production. 

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Luis, this sounds intended to my ears but I might be wrong.

Good tune!

This would gain from more orchestrational delegations of the element. Instead of one role be assigned to the same instrument throughout, change it to other sections for every 4 bars, 2 bars, bar, midbar! 

Another device I use for repeated arpeggio/ostinato kind of textures is I take apart the notes in the rhythm based on their role and orchestrate those! For example the very first bar of your track (let's play with it and pretend it's not just a solo instrument but we wanted to orchestrate this line): The A and the F – and the following descending thirds from there – are the base (also bass in this instance but if we played downward arpeggios they would still be base – not bass). They could be doubled by a bassoon to give weight, harp to give length, xylophone to give attack. The second one of each falling third pair could have a roll (in the broadest terms: snare roll, harp gliss and stuff like that) leading up to the next one to give momentum.

For padding you could make sustained chord of A,C that last the whole bar and descends stepwise. This could be horns, clarinets, strings a.s.o.

Simple device but it has already given me loads of ideas to work with just with the first bar!

My point is: Don't simply add stuff to make it exciting, play with what you've got!

Thanks for sharing!

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