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Sabriel Guindon

Premonition, one of my first composition

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Edited post:

So I added piccolo flute, flute, piccolo clarinet and oboes  to enrich the composition. I still feel like my music is a big draft and I kept some of what was forming an ostinato, but it's less apparent now. Even if I don't consider it finished I decided to repost my work to see if what I'm doing make sense as what I just uploaded is very different from the original.

To explain what this composition is all about, it was at first an harmony experiment with strings. I wrote two themes and the piece would go ABA opening and ending with the rhythm pattern of theme B. It's after writing it that I decided to call it premonition because it made feel like it was warning me about what's was coming up in my life and really was true to feeling I had later on.

Now, I added some wind instruments and I gave new rhythms to the themes. Theme A still repeats two times with just different nuances, but I feel like it makes a good effect. After both theme have played there is a sort of development of theme A, but then the same theme B repeats with the piccolo clarinet instead of the pizzicato violin. There is always a sort of theme C and D to link the other two together which sounds like CAACBDAACBD. Although B doesn't repeat, it's eight bars long compare to four bar for A.

Thanks again!

Old post: Hi everybody,

I was looking for a nice community to share my music and here I am! I decided to share one straight away as I don't have much time as of now to look at what's going on here on the website, but I plan on giving feedback and appreciation of others music as soon as I can.

So here is premonition or prémonition in french. It's made out of a string orchestra. Two violin, a viola, a cello and a bass. I think it's one of my best composition as I had very basic knowledge in music when I wrote it, but still came up with very creative harmony and melody compare to other stuff I was doing at the time (February 2018). In fact all five voices have their own melody.

Basically, I was wondering what you think it sounds like and if anyone has ideas to improve it or suggestions like other instruments I could use. Maybe I could do a sixth voice I don't know.

Anyway! I hope I'm at the right place to share my works and discover other people works!


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It sounds very nice. On the other hand you stay all the time in the same motif (or two), basically there is a rhythmic ostinato. I think it vould be a good first section to go into something else which would be more melodic and with the use of counterpoint.

I'm not an expert in strings but I think some parts in the cello and bass are, if not out of range, dangerously there.

If the piece is in Em why didn't you put the key signature?

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm working on using the counterpoint and finding nicer melodies as well as getting rid of the ostinato as you said. I moved the bass and cello an octave lower and merged the two violin and viola to form only two voices so I can insert a melody on the first violin. I also put the key signature.

Also, instead of repeating theme A I'm trying to find a better and original ending that is not the same as the beginning of course.

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