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Un Chien Andalou


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I love the movie "Un Chien Andalou" or "An Andalusian Dog", which is a 1929 short film by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali (glorious names, aren't they?). I also love alternative and avant-garde style of metal music, so today I made this track. Actually, the first riff was a little warmup for me, I connected my guitar to laptop and recorded it. It actually sounded "metal" to me, so I decided to use it in a song, I glued three parts together and "Andalusian Dog" was born 🙂



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The distance between the first and second sections is a little bit strange, especially with the drum fill that doesn't connect to either.
The "polyrhythm" in section two doesn't have the progression quality you probably want to. It just sounds like what we heard before layered on top of an unrelated track. In other words, it's to feel as though it's very cohesive.
The third section is the same effect, where there is something we're supposed to be latching onto, but doesn't sound like a meaningful progression of what we just heard, other than the chord progression. 
The fourth section is a better evolving on the second section with the different affect and similar polyrhythm.

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