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Violin concerto in d minor

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Violin concerto in d minor (written 25.08 - 27.08.18) for solo violin, strings and basso continuo.

I. Allegro

II. Adagio

III. Vivace

This is concerto 43 written in the Italian school.

Please tell me what you think!


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Nice composition, like Vivaldi.

Actually, I should say that there were for me no parts that I really found fantastic, nor terrible.
The middle part was the best in my opinion.
I would listen to it during a concert, but for me it does not have enough 'interesting stuff', which is dangerous to say.
After a while, I cannot stay focused on the music anymore.
I mean that the music is too repetitive and too much of the same for me.
I have the same thing with many works by Vivaldi and Mozart.

This is my taste, it is not bad music at all!
I have respect for your skill of writing in the Baroque style.

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I think like Maarten more or less.

I admire you can write in this style. I love baroque but I can't write anything in this style (or classic) because I have nothing to say with those languages.

Apart from that, you work is very cool.

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