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Soliloquy for Bass Clarinet No. 3


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This is my 3rd soliloquy for bass clarinet.

Here is the link to the second that I had posted almost 1.5 years ago:


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Except for the new thematic material at the end, your use of rhythmic material is good,

especially here:


where you mixed your A and B.

If you want a bass clarinet player to play the piece I'd suggest making it longer.

That's a rare instrument (at least here) and I assume that when you find a player he'll expect a longer more developed piece.


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It's simple, but generally effective. It's clear to listeners how the initial idea gets expanded upon which is really interesting because normally that stuff goes over a lay person's head.
What you should watch out for is the "verticalization" of the horizontal lines you create. The listener, now expecting a certain phrase structure, will hear certain lines that fall into a chord as diatonically involved, when oftentimes this isn't what's intended. This happens, for instance, between mm. 9-10.

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