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Humoresque in F-sharp minor, for Bassoon and Piano - Roma

Jared Steven Destro

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Staying in Prague (which is in the heart of Europe), I used the Romani people and their culture as inspiration for this very short piece, that is in a dance-like character. I was approached by a Gypsy soothsayer whilst here, and this encounter inspired me to write music. The material is short and concise, and it borrows influence from Central European nomads as such. I'd love to hear your input and enjoy!

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clef change
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19 hours ago, Monarcheon said:

It's generally nice. I'm not a huge fan of some of your pseudo-syncopations where the solo takes over that figure. The Adagietto is well done.
By the way, don't write the bassoon in mezzo-soprano clef. Tenor should be used.


Thanks for your input! I'm not entirely sure how you mean "pseudo-syncopations," (material introduced in m. 5?) but the notational tip on the clef is much appreciated.

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