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Jan-Peter de Jager

And the ear brought forth, part lll Pianoduo

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Hi all,

I try to add the PDF afterwards, it needs to be clean first. And I have it rather performed first...

But here is the third part of 'And the ear brought forth'. Hope you like it and let me know. The principle of harmonic shifts is very simple but I think, in it's minimality, it works fine.

Any advise is welcome!

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This kind-of-but-not-really tonal center on Bb in addition to the 9th leaps in the top voice make some of this sound superfluous. I don't really get a clear reason for a lot of choices, and the cascading effect of a lot of minimalism is instead heard as stratified entrances. Reasons for this include crossed voices and not filling in a modal triad whenever one appears. This makes everything sound almost like a MIDI recreation of a piece that went wrong.
There was a moment where a modulation to Bb minor happened, which was cool, but the effect is lost because the processes you have going around it aren't heard as a constancy undergoing change; it just sounds like a constancy, and it makes a lot of this sound very static; almost unmoving despite the motion. 

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