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Little Elegy

Luis Hernández

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For piano and cello...

DEXTER SONG score.pdf



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Nice piece! I wonder if there may be a way to notate this that is simpler and more clear to the performer about how the tempos and phrases are related? For example, the time signature changes. Nothing wrong with how it is, like I said there may be a better way?


One specific thing is your pedal notation. In Sibelius (it looks like you're using Sibelius based on the font), there's a different kind of pedal line that doesn't re-use the "Ped", which can help clean up the score as well. It's in the same area that you use currently to find the pedal lines.

Musically I love your harmonies and melodic content. Beautiful to listen to, and to me evokes a sense of "remembering". I enjoyed it!


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@Gustav Johnson



About the tempos and phrases I don't understand what you mean. In the opening there are different time signatures, but that's exactly how I want them to sound. In fact, I think this is clearer than this:



About the pedal marks, yes, I can do it the way you said. I'll take note.

I'm not using Sibelius.

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