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Hello everyone! :) 

I am new here and I am glad that I can be a part of this community. I hope we will have good times together. 

Anyway, I would like to share with you my latest composition which I did and I would be glad for any feedback and constructive criticism (these things push people forward) I made this composition using virtual instruments. 

And also there is another question. I would really like to study and learn more about composition so I've hoped that you could show me some good staff where search. Also, I am thinking about school do you think is it possible for me with almost no experience in this sphere? 

Thank you very much for every response


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4 hours ago, Robert Brucky Bruckmayer said:

would really like to study and learn more about composition

There's the forum's wiki.

Yes, I believe that one can learn and succeed in music school without a theoretical background.

Or any background actually.

I mean, it depends on your ability to use a newly gained knowledge, and your will to sit down and compose.

I can tell you that I am not going to go to music school because that's my free field, where I like to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Going to music school also means doing music tasks and homeworks. Of course, one could force himself to compose.

It's mostly math after all.

But then it's not that fun to do, and then what do you do when you want to create and express yourself on your free time.

Composing becomes just another school subject. You need to force it on yourself.


Now I'll listen to your piece.

No wait before I do that- you should always upload a score if possible. 

You posted it under "Orchestral Pieces" so I assume it has a score.

Reading a score while listening makes it much easier to understand the piece,

Especially for people like me who don't have absolute hearing. Or whatever you call it in English.

I mean, I could just say "wow that sounds nice" but that won't be very helpful.


Cool opening.

(Won't use it as an Overworld Theme though because then the player will have half a heart attack every time they go into the main land)

It's good that you have this quiet part, that fits better in an overworld theme.

But maybe you had a different type of game in mind than what I have in mind?

1:48 is wonderful to give the player's ears some rest.

Overall it sounds great, but I think that in some parts it's too exciting for an overworld theme.

You could use it for the opening screen though.

Any thoughts?


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I think you have a good ear for melody and a good feel for drama. And you've nailed these types of orchestrations instinctively. All good qualities. You should probably be taking piano lessons if you're not already. Maybe you can do this at a local college and that could be an 'in' for you to pursue further education. I will say that while you handled the clichés very well, college auditions for composition will require more. They have heard these things a hundred times and you will have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Can you do it? Of course. I am guessing that you have the instincts to stand out if you are given some guidance. Find that piano teacher first. You won't be sorry. good luck!

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