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DiscussionStylistically, is their room to be successful when writing in older styles of music

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n today's world, we see an awful lot of contemporary music that has been vastly difference from the music of the past. For me personally as a composer, I compose in a style that's reminiscent of the middle modern period (approximately 1950's). And since I'm at a very young age in composing, I'm debating whether I should conform to the more modern styles of composition to be successful in the future (IE minimalism). With most contemporary composition competitions today, no matter how good of a piece you write that has good melody, good harmony, and is enjoyable. The more obscure contemporary work always seems win.AkinatorXender Kik

What is your opinion of this? Do you think more works similar to that of late Shostakovitch and Bernstein are needed? Or should we compose music for the what the present day is asking for.

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Your last statement about what wins is very true, and it should clue you in to the politics of academics and of being a 'modern composer.' Being so young it might help to think of yourself as a composer in many stryles from many times, and let the politically correct dogma of others in music justĀ  roll off your back. You don't have to pick a style. If you haven't seen it, watch Bernstein's Harvard lecture series on youtube. It is brilliant and very comprehensive. It takes him a full 12 hours that covers 200 years of musical history to come to the conclusion that atonality (also political, imo) will not suffice for a future. He held up Stravnisky as an example of successful 're-working' of tonality that can sustain us into the future, but just how is anyone's guess. The point is that he has faith in that.

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