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Time Moves Too Fast

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I recently released a five-song EP called Betrayal. This is the song I have picked as the first single off of the EP. The song is called "Time Moves Too Fast". Please listen to it! Here is a link:


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The track is generally fine. A double arm linear intervallic pattern will obscure the fundamental structure, even in extended harmony.
The prosody of the vocals is sometimes off. Treat it like poetry; you should be very careful where to put the feet of the syllables you use.
In addition, the rhythm of the vocals is very straight. Too straight, practically, which could feed into the previous issue I mentioned. Intonation too.

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Agreed with Monarcheon about the vocals, think about performing them the way a theatre performer might read lines. When you speak, you naturally add inflection, so when you rap treat it as if you were just speaking - ignore the fact that you're recording. Other than that it was pretty sweet. I liked the message of the vox, I might consider learning about syllable patterns/etc. through tutorials or something.

My biggest advice is: Have you used a reference track yet? Play this side by side with some professional songs in a similar vein to what you're going for and listen for the differences in sound. If you can find the areas of your piece that are weaker then you can improve them!

Thanks for sharing, keep working!


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