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Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum.

Just wanted to post some of my music and see where it takes me.

This is my first solo piano EP that I've written, it is called distance makes the heart grow fonder and it depicts the feelings experienced by a couple who love each other, yet are separated for a while, starting with a piece depicting the farewell on the train station, then moving to a portrayal of the man experiencing loneliness but thinking fondly of his love "while watching the stars". The third piece is the central piece of the EP and is a melancholy love theme. The final piece is supposed to be a breathtaking depiction of when the eyes of the couple finally meet for the first time again and the bliss and relief of seeing each other again. 

Link to the EP on Spotify: 

Constructive criticism appreciated! Please let me know what you think. And if you like it, adding it to your library on Spotify would help me massively. 

Check out two of the pieces on YouTube as well: 



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11 hours ago, Rabbival507 said:


Can you please upload the score?

You might consider that a musical disability for a composer,

but I can't deeply review someone's piece just by listening to it.

Reading the notes would help me understand what you did there.

I believe that most of the reviewers here could say the same thing.


That's an excellent point. I completely forgot about the score.

Here you are.

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Ok I'll give it another listen now.

Yes, Luis is right. You repeat yourself way too much.

Changing the background won't answer the need for the change in the melody.

Even a little change, not too much.

He thinks about the same woman, but remember her in different memories.

So Keep the general idea image.png.56aa7c870f48a5e8545c7a7d1043cac7.png and play around with it,

but do NOT repeat the (or almost the) exact same sentence over and over again.

I mean, in certain kinds of music that's exactly what you have to do,

but "emotional" music requires some development.

I don't say that you have to get to an emotional climax, not at all.

Think about it though, he remembers the same woman from different times (I think?)


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