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Brandon S.

Throwing Feathers - Brandon Schwab

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Frankly, superb. Very nice harmony (as discernible in the quieter moments until the rhythmic fracas starts)! Exciting, unleashes a crazy energy. Great build up. You'll certainly get your money's worth from the saxophonists! The work's length seems absolutely right. 

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Holy Heaven!  This is fantastic!  

I was especially taken with the extraordinarily beautiful introduction. They say you can hear a composer's soul in his slow movements.  What gorgeous sonority and colour!  And the fast section was unbelievable.  When you get this performed, and I sincerely hope you do, you're going to need some really kick-donkey players, but it will be worth their effort.  

If I may ask, what is the significance of the title?  Just curious. 

My compliments on a fine piece of music.  I actually wanted it to go on longer, but you know what they say: always keep them wanting more!   

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