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Get inspired creating original melodies with melody creator App

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Melody creator

Looking for some inspiration to create or compose your own music, songs, or melodies? Melody Creator app quickly produces random original melodies for you to use, share or get inspired. 

Join the thousands of users who today use Melody Creator to inspire them to create their melodies.

With Melody Creator you can:

1. Generate random melodies using a full three octave span
2. Select the scale of your melody
3. Playback functionality
4. Store your own generated melodies
5. Select among 17 rhythms, silence or metronome for each playback or melody
6. Generate a similar melody based on one you created
7. Select from 3 different ranges of randomness to generate your melodies (High randomness may involve abrupt changes in melody notes)
8. Configure the complexity in the generated melody (how simple or complex is the combination of notes within a bar)
9. Configure other preferences
10. Download saved melodies in wav format
11. Change between the piano, guitar and saxophone
12. Choose between 16, 32, 64 or 128 note melodies.

When you select the melody that you like for your song you can purchase it at a very low cost in melody creator credits and you can:

1. View an animation of the notes playback or music sheet
2. Edit and change the melody
3. Playback the melody at different speeds
4. Share your melody with other people (they must have Melody Creator installed)
5. Change melody settings for each melody in your list

Get Melody creator here, its free

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Anybody find this of interest?  I must admit it's intriguing, if nothing else.    

For myself though, the day as a composer that I can't come up with a decent melody on my own and have to rely on a machine for help is the day I hang it up.  

"I beseech thee Lord, give me a theme; I can do anything if you will only give me a theme."  --daily prayer of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

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