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Etude No.2

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Hello Everyone,

This is another experimental etude I wrote recently. The whole piece consists of many modulations. Again, there are syncopations and irregular time signatures. I have included some notes in one of the pdfs.

Hope you like it and I appreciate your comments! 



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Having a look at the score on first approach it looks quite difficult to play, the mix of octaves and 7ths in the right hand and various rhythmic complexities (more the phrasing between right and left hand and the triplets - they're easy enough in themselves but not against what's going on around them). It looks more like a study in wrist action and quick adjustment of the hand-span. And of course for those unaccustomed to less conventional time signatures. It didn't come across as particularly tuneful but I assumed (rightly or wrongly) tune isn't what it's about. 

It's your Etude 2 so you're may be accumulating a set. I'd say this one is intermediate in difficulty - short-ish and not as difficult as most of Chopin's or Liszt's studies - but that makes it particularly useful. It's good preparation for the really difficult repertoire. For that reason I like it.  

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I'm not qualified to judge its capacity as a learning tool, but it's a pretty cool piece as is. There are some syncopated inconsistencies with how you present the meter. I understand its a hemiola effect and you want that to be clear, but since it's a bit of a delayed hemiola, it might be nice to see how it all fits in, otherwise it looks a little strange.

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