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Composition for piano Op.13


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This is a piece I wrote in 2015 that I recently added/edited to Finale, it’s part of one of my collections I’m going though and notating, thought I’d share it, enjoy 


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Neat piece. I like the playfulness of it, almost mischievous. The harmonic language is catchy, particularly on the second page. Overall, really neat.


I do have a few nagging issues, though. The first bar, you establish a chromatic descent in the L.H. Then, it feels like you couldn’t commit to it in the next few bars. Seriously, try this. First bar, keep it as is. Second bar, make the L.H. drop from a G# to an F double sharp. Third bar, right hand second beat, add a C# to make it a third, and L.H., make the A an A# on the third, followed by a natural G into the F# (making it an F#7 chord). And keep fourth bar exactly the same. Voila! The chromatic little motif you toy with in mss. 24-26 now makes perfect sense in the piece, even leading back into its first repeat.


One last complaint. The entire piece is pretty easy, and then you throw a ring finger trill in the R.H. at ms. 47-48. If you really want to keep this trill, it’s loads easier if you put it in the thumb and index finger, instead of on top of the octave. In fact, come to think of it, again the chormatic theme could work here. Mss. 47 and 48, keep it exactly the same, but make the thumb and index finger do the trill on the lower C# and D# in ms. 47, and then in ms. 48, make the trill C# and D natural. On ms. 47, left hand, third beat, make a D# octave, then ms. 48, first half note, a D natural octave, then last beat, two eighth note octaves, C# and G# octave below, leading into measure 49’s L.H. as it is. Again, the piece may “agree with itself more”, and this is even easier to play from a technical standpoint, so the difficulty doesn’t randomly spike.


Please don’t take my thoughts as, “you must do this or that,” but they are only suggestions meant to look at things from a different angle. My opinion’s subjective, after all. I just hope that by giving more specific feedback when I’m able to do so, it will actually be more helpful to you than only generalizations.


Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed listening to this 😊

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