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Quintessence - Music Circle - Auditions (Vocalists, composers, producers, and more)


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Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can focus one, multiple, or all of our vocalists. We strive to create music that is deeper that people can relate to, but also that takes us to another world, and revolves around fantasy. Genres we will focus on include pop, folk, classical, orchestral, ambient, new age, r&b, and experimental. We will also do a lot of crossovers within genres. We take inspiration from Wave, Akiko Shikata, Kokia, Kaoling, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jojo, Epica, and more. We are seeking people that are creative, genuine,  like to experiment, and don’t like to limit themselves.


Members of Quintessence are expected to commit and be active, this is a permanent group, and you will be expected to meet tight deadlines, and take an active part in insuring our success. Inability to communicate and meet deadlines, will result in potential kick from the group. All members are expected to take part in the creative process as well, and grow as individuals. It will be mandatory for vocalists to adapt themselves and learn how to sing within various genres. For vocalists, they will need to be comfortable being on camera, majority of our videos and pictures will feature the vocalists, and other staff, themselves. Those chosen will be temporarily in a trial position, to see if they work well with the current members.


Values: Kindness, humility, camaraderie, compassion, authenticity, creativity, knowledge, fortitude, introspection, free thinking, bravery.


Member Musts


  • Respectful and helpful to other members.

  • Acts professional but also approachable and genuine, we want everyone to be able to be themselves.

  • Upholds a positive attitude and image for both themselves and the group, not just with us, but around others, and all social medias.

  • Has a can do attitude, and is always willing to jump in and help.

  • Is able to take constructive criticism and is introspective.

  • Is able to work with other’s creative ideas, but can also contribute their own.

  • Is a team player.

  • Is willing to learn and improve, doesn’t believe they know all the answers.


Open Positions

Deadline: Feb 28

Audition forms below

Note: All staff forms are the same, vocalists and instrumentalists have their own.


Vocalists: Vocalists must submit multiple files for their audition. One must be a video of you, which includes a bit about yourself, your interests, why you want to join, two solos of your choosing that you must sing acapella (mandatory one pop, one ballad or classical), and anything else you would like us to know, the more the better. Editing of the video is not allowed. They must also include a melody sample of one of the songs in which we provide for you, you will be given an instrumental, and we would like to see what you can do with it (lyrics not necessary; lalala or others, are acceptable.) Vocalists will also have to submit ascending scales, and multiple optional submission areas, which can include sample harmonies or harmony guides, original lyrics, previous covers, etc.



Mixers: Mixers will be required to send us multiple samples, or their entire portfolio. You must send us at least one group sample, and one solo. We would also like to see multiple genres, if applicable, but not required. If we feel that the samples are not applicable to what we are doing, however, we may send you files to do a quick mix for us. One of the samples must include an acapella, and a just timed, and just tuned sample is suggested, but not mandatory. They must share with us their experience, their strongest and weakest genres, as well as strongest and weakest areas within mixing, and why they would like to join. Video audition is not required, but is allowed.



Video Editors/motion graphic artists/artists/graphic designers: Video editors/motion graphic artists must send us multiple samples of their work, or their portfolio. They must share with us a bit about themselves, what they think their strongest and weakest points in video editing/art/graphic design are, as well as why they would like to join. Video audition is not required, but is allowed.



Composers/Producers: Composers and producers must share with us multiple samples, preferably of more than one genre. They must also tell us their creative process, what their preferred genre is, and share with us what they like about this genre. We would like to know what inspires you, as well as a bit about yourself, and why you want to join.  Video audition is not required, but is allowed.



Instrumentalists: Instrumentalists must submit multiple files for their audition. They must also include an about them, why they would like to join us, their experience with their instrument or instruments, and strengths and weaknesses. Instrumentalists will sometimes appear in videos or photos with our vocalists, we encourage video auditions, but they are not required. Video auditions may not be edited, and all auditions in general  must include two songs, something that is pop, and something that is a slower song, such as a ballad, classical, or orchestral song.



Current Members


Robyn Ardery [Sample] [Twitter] [Youtube]

Vocalist, Lyricist, Producer, Mixer


Kisaki [Sample] [Twitter] [Youtube]

Vocalist, Lyricist, Mixer


Passion [Sample] [Twitter] [Youtube] [Website]

Vocalist, Lyricist, Mixer, Creative Direction, Leader


For more information contact:

                                                                                                                                                    Passion: Danielle#5039


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